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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Internal Combustion Engines }

43. The air-fuel ratio of the petrol engine is controlled by?
A.Fuel jump
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44. In a typical medium speed, 4-stroke cycle diesel engine
A.Fuel injection starts at 10° before top dead centre and ends at 20° after top dead centre
B.Fuel injection starts at top dead centre and ends at 20° after top dead centre
C.Fuel injection starts at just before top dead centre and ends just after top dead centre
D.May start and end anywhere
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45. Diesel fuel, compared to petrol is
A.Less difficult to ignite
B.Just about the same difficult to ignite
C.More difficult to ignite
D.Highly ignitable
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46. In diesel engine the diesel fuel injected into cylinder would burn instantly at about compressed air temperature of
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47. When crude oil is heated, then which of the following hydrocarbon is given off first.
B.Natural gas
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48. The rating of a diesel engine, with increase in air-intlet temperature, will
A.Increase linearly
B.Decrease linearly
C.Increase parabolically
D.Decrease parabolically
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49. A 75 cc engine has following parameter as 75 cc
A.Fuel tank capacity
B.Lub oil capacity
C.Swept volume
D.Cylinder volume
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