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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Internal Combustion Engines }

344. The magneto in an automobile is basically
B.D.C. Generator
D.Magnetic Circuit
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345. The reason for supercharging in any engine is to
A.Increase Efficiency
B.Increase Power
C.Reduce Weight And Bulk For A Given Out-Put
D.Effect Fuel Economy
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346. The operation of forcing additional air under pressure in the engine cylinder is known as
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347. Supercharging is essential in
A.Diesel Engines
B.Gas Turbines
C.Petrol Engines
D.Aircraft Engines
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348. The minimum cranking speed in case of petrol engine is about
A.Half The Operating Speed
B.One-Fourth Of Operating Speed
C.250-300 Rpm
D.60-80 Rpm
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349. In a typical medium speed 4 stroke cycle diesel engine
A.Exhaust Valve Opens At 35° Before Bot-Tom Dead Center And Closes At 20° After Top Dead Center
B.Exhaust Valve Opens At Bottom Dead Center And Closes At Top Dead Center
C.Exhaust Valve Opens Just After Bottom Dead Center And Closes Just Before Top Dead Center
D.May Open And Close Anywhere
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350. Flash point of fuel oil is
A.Minimum Temperature to Which Oil Is Heated In Order To Give Off Inflammable Vapours In Sufficient Quantity To Ignite Momentarily When Brought In Contact With A Flame
B.Temperature At Which It Solidifies Or Congeals
C.Temperature At Which It Catches Fire Without External Aid
D.Indicated By 90% Distillation Temperature, i.e. When 90% Of Sample Oil Has Distilled Off
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