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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Internal Combustion Engines }

267. Four-wheel drive implies
A.Vehicle has 4 wheels
B.All the four wheels can't be steered
C.All the four wheels can be steered
D.Rear of vehicle has four wheels which . are powered
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268. Automobile engines are usually designed as multi-cylinder engines because of
A.Economy reasons
B.Higher efficiency
C.Better balance, uniform torque output
D.Lower fuel consumption
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269. The commonly used ignition accelerators are
A.Acetone peroxide
B.Ethyl nitrate
C.Isoamyl nitrate
D.Any one of the above
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270. Ignition accelerators in a compression ignition engine reduce or eliminate
A.Combustion knock
D.Spontaneous combustion
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271. Ignition accelerators are substances which
A.Increase the rate of pre-flame reaction and reduce the ignition lag
B.Increase knock
C.Reduce detonation
D.Increase thermal efficiency
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272. Pick up the correct statement
A.Both iso-octane and normal-heptane help in prolonging the reaction time for auto-ignition at a particular pressure and temperature
B.Both iso-octane and normal heptane help to resist auto-ignition
C.Normal-heptane accelerates auto-ignition and iso-octane helps to resist auto-igntion
D.Iso-octane accelerates auto ignition and normal-heptane helps to resist auto-ignition
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273. Petrol engines are not suitable for part load operation, because
A.Mechanical efficiency is poor due to increasing internal losses at increased throttling
B.Of fear of pre-ignition
C.Of huge knocking
D.Of increased detonation tendency
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