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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Internal Combustion Engines }

260. Which of the following does not relate to C.I. engine
A.Fuel pump
B.Fuel injector
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261. Which of the following does not relate to S.I. engine
A.Ignition coil
C.Spark plug
D.Fuel injector
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262. A temperature indicator is usually provided for automobiles. It indicates temperature of
A.Lub oil
B.Engine cylinder walls
C.Jacket cooling water
D.Engine piston
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263. The following type of battery is commonly used in automobile applications
A.Dry battery
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264. The gear ratio in the differential unit of a passenger car is of the order of
A.2 : 1
B.3 : 1
C.6 : 1
D.8 : 1
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265. The differential in automobiles performs the function of
A.Permitting two rear wheels to run independently
B.Permitting two rear wheels to have flexibility of relative speed, whenever it is required
C.Allowing rear wheel movement
D.Reducing speed of propeller shaft to suit the requirement of wheel axles
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266. The automobiles generally utilise batteries having voltage of
A.3 V
B.6 V
C.12 V
D.24 V
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