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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Internal Combustion Engines }

190. A two stroke crank compressed engine has following ports in the cylinder
A.Suction port and exhaust port
B.Suction port, exhaust port and transfer Port
C.Suction port and transfer port
D.Transfer port and exhaust port
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191. For the same size and weight, a two stroke engine as compared to four stroke engine will generate power
A.About twice
B.About 0.5 times
C.Nearly equal
D.About 1.7 times
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192. A two stroke engine is usually identified by
A.Size of flywheel
B.Weight of engine
C.Type of lubrication system
D.Absence of valves
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193. If diesel is fed by mistake in the oil tank of a petrol engine, then engine will
A.Give lot of smoke
D.Not run
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194. The thermal efficiency of a semi-diesel cycle having fixed compression ratio and fixed quantity of heat, with increase in pressure ratio will
C.Remain unaffected
D.Increase/decrease depending upon engine capacity
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195. Scavenging air is supplied to a two-stroke engine at a density greater than that of atmosphere. This means the engine is
B.Not supercharged
D.Supercharged provided its speed is low
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196. In pre-combustion chamber in diesel engine
A.The shape and layout of the piston crown, the inlet port, and the valve produce the turbulent effect of fuel mixture
B.Fuel is injected into an auxiliary chamber that is separated from the cylinder by an orifice or throat
C.Only a part of air charge is contained in an auxiliary chamber in which the fuel starts to burn with insufficient air which due to explosion tendency mixes thoroughly into main cylinder charge
D.There are no valves
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