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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Internal Combustion Engines }

120. The pistons are usually given a coating such as tin plating in order to
A.Reduce weight
B.Conduct heat efficiently
C.Reduce possibility of scoring reduce friction
D.Increase lubrication effect
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121. Piston rings are usually made of
A.Cast iron
C.Phosphor bronze
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122. Piston rings are plated with chromium, cadmium or phosphate in order to
A.Reduce cost
B.Improve surface finish
C.Prevent clogging
D.Reduce wear and eliminate scuffing
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123. The top piston ring nearer to the piston crown is known as
A.Compression ring
B.Oil ring
C.Scrapper ring
D.Groove ring
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124. In order to prevent knock in the S.I. engines, the charge away from the spark plug should have
A.Low temperature
B.Long ignition delay
C.Rich mixture
D.All of the above
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125. Diesel engines have low specific fuel consumption compared to petrol engine. This statement is
A.Not true
B.True at full load
C.True at part load
D.True at both part and full load
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126. To reduce the possibility of knock in the C.I. engines, the first elements of fuel and air should have
A.High temperature
B.Short delay
C.Reactive mixture
D.All of the above
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