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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Internal Combustion Engines }

92. In the opposed piston diesel engine, the combustion chamber is located
A.Above the piston
B.Below the piston
C.Between the pistons
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93. A-stoichiometric air-fuel ratio is
A.Chemically correct mixture
B.Lean mixture
C.Rich mixture for idling
D.Rich mixture for over loads
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94. In a naturally aspirated diesel engine, the air is supplied by
A.A supercharger
B.A centrifugal blower
C.A vacuum chamber
D.An injection tube
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95. In loop scavenging, the top of the piston is
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96. In the crankcase method of scavenging, the air pressure is produced by
B.Centrifugal pump
C.Natural aspirator
D.Movement of engine piston
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97. In order to prevent formation of carbon on the injector, the temperature of nozzle tip should be
A.Less than 100°C
B.Between 100 - 250°C
C.Between 250 - 300°C
D.Between 400 - 500°C
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98. The thermal efficiency of a petrol engine of two stroke with crank case scavenging as compared to four stroke petrol engine with same comperssion ratio will be
D.Depends on size of engine
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