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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Instrumentation and Control }

29. The development of following element ha improved the reliability and the respons action of low pressure gauges :
D.Ring balance
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30. Proving rings are used to measure
D.(c) acceleration
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31. Which is not correct about load cells used to measure weight/force :
A.Accuracy of the order of 0.01 to 1%
B.Rugged and compact construction
C.No moving parts and negligible deflection under load
D.Low resistance to side load and low overload withstand
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32. Which type of device is suitable for dynamic force measurement :
A.Lever balance
B.Spring balance
C.Proving ring
D.Piezo-electric transducer
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33. Hysteresis errors in Bourdon tubes can be minimized by :
A.Selecting proper material
B.Proper design and fabrication
C.Using them well within the designed pressure range
D.. avoiding direct entry of steam into it (e) calibrating it from time to time.
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34. In case of strain gauge transducers, several strain cycles, and temperature cycles are carried out before making measurements, in order to :
A.Increase life
B.Enable high repeatable readings
C.Eliminate premature failures
D.Increase accuracy
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35. Accuracy of standard pressure gauges, used for testing and calibration purposes is of the order of :
A.? 1.5%
B.? 1%
C.? 0.5%
D.? 0.25%
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