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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Instrumentation and Control }

22. Which gauge can be used to measure pressure below 1
A.Dead weight tester
B.Pirani gauge
C.Ionization gauge
D.McLeod gauge
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23. Which is not correct statement about selection of tube material for a Bourdon gauge:
A.Have high creep strength to withstand high temperature
B.Be stable enough to maintain its calibration indefinitely
C.Be immune to corrosion from the fluid inside the tube, and from the atmosphere outside it
D.Be hard enough to withstand the applied pressure without any part of it being stressed above the limit of proportionality
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24. Pick up false statement about pressure measurements :
A.Low pressure is normally measured by manometers
B.Absolute pressure by piezoelectric crystal.
C.Medium and high pressure by Bourdon gauge
D.All pressures by transducers
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25. Pressure gauges are never connected directly to live steam because :
A.The tubes or bellows which operate them would be overheated, causing serious error and damage
B.Steam if leaks, can cause serious injuries to operatots
C.Entry of steam would cause static head error
D.Parts of pressure gauge can't withstand temperature of steam
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26. A siphon or loop in the connecting pipe is iteiposed as close as possible to the pressure gauge so that :
A.Steam can condense to form a seal of water to fill the tube or bellows at the pressure being measured
B.Air or vapour collection is avoided
C.Moisture formed in pipe can be drained
D.Static head errors are eliminated
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27. When the pressure medium to be measured is air or gas, the pipe is made to rise continuously to the gauge, so that :
A.No air or vapour can collect in pipe
B.Any moisture can be drained
C.Moisture does not come in contact with elements of sensor/gauge
D.Moisture can condense to form seal of water
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28. Ring balance gauge is used for measurement of :
A.Absolute pressure
B.Vacuum 513
C.Differential pressure
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