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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Instrumentation and Control }

99. The steady-state performance is evaluated in terms of the
A.Accuracy with which the output is controlled for a specified input (h) maximum overshoot
B.(c) rise time
C.(d) response time
D.(e) all of the above.
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100. The transient performance, i.e. the behaviour of the output variable as the sysl tern changes, from one steady-state condition to another, is evaluated in terms of ;
B.Maximum overshoot, rise time, and response time.
C.Response time
D.Peak time
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101. The immediately apparent feature of an observed transient performance is
A.The existence and magnitude of the maximum overshoot
B.The frequency of the transient oscillation
C.The response time
D.All of the above
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102. Following is the property of the system which opposes a change in the output variable
B.Power element
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103. The overshoot and the settling time are maximum with
A.Underdamped system
B.Overdamped system
C.Critically damped system
D.Damped system
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104. The frequency response can be obtained analytically from the
A.Characteristic equation
B.Transfer functions of the components
C.Polar plot
D.Bode diagram
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105. The transient performance characteristics of the control are conveniently obtained from curve of the
A.Open-loop frequency response function
B.Transfer functions of system
C.Closed loop frequency response
D.All of above
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