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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Instrumentation and Control }

71. Dynamometers are :
A.Force measuring devices
B.Torque measuring devices
C.Power measuring devices
D.Energy measuring devices
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72. In some measurements, in order to increase the sensitivity, two measuring and two reference cells are often used. This arrangement is usually referred to as :
A.Wheatstone bridge
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73. Paramagnetic analyser is used to measure following gas sample in air
D.Nitrogen oxides
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74. Continuous analysers for measuring following are based on the chemiluminescent nameless reaction with ethylene
C.Sulphur oxides
D.Nitrogen oxides
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75. Industrial flow meters are based on
A.Rotational devices
B.Flow through restrictions
C.Flow around obstructions
D.All of above
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76. Chromatographic analyser is used to measure the
A.02 content in flue gases
B.CO2 content in flue gases
C.CO content in flue gases
D.(a) amount of individual gases in a mixture
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77. The pH value is a measure of hydrogen ion in a solution. The letters pH stand for :
A.Percentage of H2 in solution
B.Power of the hydrogen ion concentration
C.Presence of hydrogen ions
D.Purity of H2O
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