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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Industrial Engineering }

15. String diagram is used when
A.Team of workers is working at a place
B.Material handling is to be done
C.Idle time is to be reduced
D.All of the above

16. Work study is most useful
A.Where production activities are involved
B.In judging the rating of machines
C.In improving industrial relations
D.In judging the output of a man and improving it

17. Micromotion study is
A.Enlarged view of motion study
B.Analysis of one stage of motion study
C.Minute and detailed Motion study
D.Subdivision of an operation into therbligs and their analysis

18. In micromotion study, therblig is described by
A.A symbol
B.Standard symbol and colour.
C.An activity
D.Micro motions

19. The allowed time for a jab equals standard time plus
A.Policy allowance
B.Interference allowance
C.Process allowance
D.Learning allowance

20. Micromotion study involves following number of fundamental hand motions

21. The standard time for a job is
A.Total work content
B.Basic time + relaxation time
C.Total work content + basic time
D.Total work content + delay contigency allowance

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