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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Industrial Engineering }

176. The shadow prices?
A.Include taxes and subsidy
B.Include taxes and not subsidy
C.Include subsidy and not taxes
D.Do_ not include taxes and subsidy
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177. In works management, theory of transactional analysis (TA) is applied to determine the
A.Feasibility of project
B.Cause of behaviour of personnel
C.Time taken for each activity
D.Best layout
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178. As per behavioural science, culture of a person (or a script of a person or his reaction of stimulus) depends upon his
B.All of the above.
C.Society he keeps
D.Own experience of life
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179. Free trade zone means trade between
A.Two countries without tariff
B.Two manufacturers without tax liability
C.Manufacturer and consumer
D.Manufacturer and wholesaler
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180. For effective utilisation of manpower it is essential to understand the need of a man to satisty them. The need of a person is
A.Job satisfaction
B.All of the above.
C.Ego satisfaction (self respect) and self actualisatiOn
D.Job security
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181. MIS slands for
A.Military inspection scheme
B.Management information system
C.Management intelligence system
D.Management information service
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182. According to Pareto principle, an effective man is one who
A.Can manage his boss
B.Pick up vital from the trivial many things.
C.Can manage his colleagues
D.All of the above
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