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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Industrial Engineering }

162. Capitalised cost comparison method is used for comparing alternatives having
A.High initial cost
B.High maintenance cost
C.High service life
D.High electricity consuming devices
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163. Internal rate of return is that discount rate which makes the value of net present value equal to
D.Some + ye value
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164. For a project to be feasible, internal rate of return should be greater than
C.Rate of interest for loan
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165. Simplex method is used for
A.Linear programming
B.Queuing theory
C.Network analysis
D.Value engineering
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166. Depreciation of machines is categorised under the head
A.Direct expenses
B.Indirect expenses
D.Administrative expenses
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167. Depreciation of machines, according to income tax regulations is calculated on the basis of following method
A.Straight line
B.Declining balance.
C.Machine hour
D.Rate of return
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168. In project appraisal analysis, shadcw prices are
A.Used for lost items
B.Used to convert inputs into cost and output into benefits
C.Used to determine feasibility of project
D.Taken as the basis for determining value of all the assets
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