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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Industrial Engineering }

148. The important rule in making a PERT is
A.An event can't be accomplished until activities leading to it are completed
B.All of the above.
C.Length of arrow has nothing to do with time
D.Every activity must be completed before end point is reached
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149. An event is indicated on the network by
A.A straight line
B.A number enclosed in a circle or a square
C.A straight line with circles at thb ends
D.A dotted line
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150. In a PERT chart
A.All activities should be numbered
B.Only important activities should be numbered
C.Only critical activities are numbered
D.Only selected activities are numbered
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151. Positive -slack on a PERT indicates that project is
A.Ahead of schedule
B.Beyond schedule
C.As per schedule
D.On critical path
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152. Pessimistic time is
A.The maximum time which an activity might require
B.The average time required for a job
C.The most probable time considering all conditims
D.The minimum time in which an activity can possibly be accomplished
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153. The slack on various events at critical path will be
A.Same as at the end point
B.Decreasing proportional to that at the end point
C.Increasing proportional to that at the end point
D.Maximum compared to other events
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154. A critical path on a PERT chart
A.Starts from start point and ends at end point
B.Starts from start point and may end anywhere
C.May start from any where but ends at end point
D.May start and end at any point
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