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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Industrial Engineering }

99. The time required to complete a job is established and a bonus is paid to the worker based on the exact % of time saved. This type of incentive plan is known as
A.Dry work Plan
B.Rowan Plan.
C.Taylor Plan
D.Bedaux Plan
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100. Replacement studies are made on the following basis:
A.Annual cost method
B.(a) any one of the above.
C.Total life average method
D.Present worth method
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101. String diagram is used
A.For checking the relative values of various layouts
B.When a group of workers are working at a place
C.Where processes require the operator to be moved from one place to another
D.All of the above
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102. Which of the following depreciation sys - tern ensures that the interest be charged on the cost of machine asset every year on the book value, but the rate of depreciation every year remains constant
A.Sinking fund method
B.Straight line method
C.A-B-C charging method
D.Annuity charging method
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103. Slack represents the difference between the
A.Latest allowable time and the normal expected time
B.Latest allowable time and the earliest expected time
C.Proposed allowable time and the earliest expected time
D.Normal allowable time and the latest expected time
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104. PERT and CPM are
A.Techniques to determine project status
B.Aids to the decision maker.
C.Charts which increai-e aesthetic appearance of rooms
D.Aids to determine cost haplications of project
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105. A big advantage of PERT over Gant charts is that in the former case
A.Activities and events are clearly shown
B.Inter-relationship among activities is clearly shown.
C.Activity times are clear
D.Critical path can be easily determined
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