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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Industrial Engineering }

92. If a worker gets a daily wage of Rs HA, then according to Rowan plan, his maximum daily earnings can be
A.2 HA
B.1.33 HA
C.1.5 HA
D.1.75 HA

93. In A-B-C control policy, maximum attention is given to
A.Those items which consume money
B.Those items which are not readily available
C.Those items which are in more demand
D.Those' items which consume more money

94. Which one of the following represents a group incentive plan ?
A.Halsey Premium Plan
B.Bedaux Plan
C.Lincoln Plan
D.Rowan Plan

95. The mathematical technique for finding the best use of limited resources in an optimum manner is known as
A.Operation research
B.Linear programming
C.Network analysis
D.Queuing theory

96. In order that linear programming techniques provide valid results
A.Relations between factors must be linear (positive)
B.Relations between factors must be linear (negative)
C.(a) or (b)
D.Only one factor shculd change at a time, others remaining constant

97. The linear programming techniques can be applied successfully to industries like
A.Iron and steel
B.All of the above.
C.Oil and chemical

98. The two-bin system is concerned with
A.Ordering procedure
B.Forecasting sales
C.Production planning
D.Despatching and expediting

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