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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Industrial Engineering }

1. A graphical device used to determine- the break-even point and profit potential under varying conditions of output and costs, is known as
A.Gnatt chart
B.Flow chart
C.Break-even chart
D.PERT chart

2. Break-even analysis consists of
A.Fixed cost
B.Variable cost
C.Fixed and variable costs
D.Operation costs

3. Break-even analysis shows profit when
A.Sales revenue > total cost
B.Sales revenue = total cost
C.Sales revenue < total cost
D.Variable cost < fixed cost

4. In braek-even analysis, total cost consists of
A.Fixed cost
B.Variable cost
C.Fixed cost + variable cost
D.Fixed cost + variable cost + over-heads

5. The break-even point represents
A.The most economical level of operation of any industry
B.The time when unit can run without I loss and profit
C.Time when industry will undergo loss
D.The time when company can make maximum profits

6. In the cost structure of a product, the selling price is determined by the factors such as
A.Sales turn over
B.All of the above.
C.Various elements of the cost
D.Buyers' capability to pay the cost

7. Work study is concerned with
A.Improving present method and finding standard time
B.Motivation of workers
C.Improving production capability
D.Improving production planning and control

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