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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Hydraulic Machines }

43. In mixed flow centrifugal pump
A.Two fluids are mixed up at suction
B.Two fluids are pumped separately and then both mix up at delivery
C.Two impellers, radial and axial type are employed
D.Flow through the impeller is a combination of radial and axial flows

44. To avoid cavitation in centrifugal pumps
A.Suction pressure should be low
B.Delivery pressure should be low
C.Suction pressure should be high
D.Delivery pressure should be high

45. The work requirement of a reciprocating pump with increase in acceleration head
C.Remains same
D.May increase/decrease depending upon the head developed

46. A double acting reciprocating pump compared to single acting pump will have nearly
A.Double efficiency
B.Double head
C.Double flow
D.Double weight

47. For pumping viscous oil, which pump will be used
A.Centrifugal pump
B.Reciprocating pump
C.Turbine pump
D.Screw pump

48. When a centrifugal pump is started, there will be no flow of water until the pressure rise in the impeller is large enough to overcome the
A.Static head
B.Total head
C.Manometric head
D.Friction head

49. Overall efficiency of a centrifugal pump is equal to
A.Volumetric ? X manometric ? X mechanical ?
B.Volumetric ? / manometric ? X mechanical ?
C.Manometric ? / volumetric ? X mechanical ?
D.Mechanical ?/ volumetric ? X Manometric ?

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