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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Hydraulic Machines }

99. Francis turbine is
A.Radial flow turbine
B.Axial flow turbine
C.Mixed flow turbine
D.Inward flow radial type turbine

100. If pump NPSH requirements are not satisfied,
A.It will not develop head
B.It will be cavitated
C.Efficiency will be low
D.It will consume excessive power

101. Which of the following is not a rotary pump

102. Pick up the correct statement, Rotary pumps are
A.Just like centrifugal pumps
B.Suitable for both high flow and low head
C.Positive displacement type
D.Suitable only for clean and clear liquids

103. Impellers for high heads usually have
A.High specific speed
B.Low specific speed
C.Medium specific speed
D.Any specific speed depending on flow and speed

104. As specific speed of a centrifugal pump increases, it's blade height
C.Remains unaffected
D.Increase or decrease depends on other factors

105. Which of the following pumps is used for pumping viscous fluids
A.Centrifugal pump
B.Screw pump
C.Reciprocating pump
D.Jet pump

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