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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Hydraulic Machines }

85. Which place in hydraulic turbine is most susceptible for cavitation
A.Inlet of draft tube
B.Blade inlet
C.Guide blade

86. The suction lift of low-speed reciprocating pumps
A.Remains fairly constant upto water temperature of 40C and thereafter decreases slowly first and then rapidly
B.Decreases linearly with increase in temperature of water to be pumped
C.Increases linearly with increase in temperature of water to be pumped
D.Has no correlation with water temperature

87. It is possible to pump water available at around 100C under atmosphere conditions using centrifugal pump placed near the tank
C.Yes, only if pump is properly selected
D.Yes, only if material of pump is selected properly

88. The ratio of submergence to lift in air lift pump with increase of lift
C.Remains same

89. The reaction type hydraulic turbines usually have their shafts arranged
D.May be either vertical or horizontal depending upon capacity

90. Specific speed for axial flow turbines varies from
A.0 to 4.5
B.10 to 100
C.80 to 200
D.250 to 350

91. Specific speed of hydraulic turbine is dependent upon
A.Speed, power developed and flow
B.Speed, power developed and effective head
C.Speed, head and flow
D.Speed, mean diameter and head

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