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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Hydraulic Fluid Mechanics }

36. Choose the correct relationship
A.Specific gravity = gravity x density
B.Dynamic viscosity = kinematicviscosity x density
C.Gravity = specific gravity x density
D.Kinematicviscosity = dynamicviscosity x density
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37. For manometer, a better liquid combination is one having
A.Higher surface tension
B.Lower surface tension
C.Surface tension is no criterion
D.High density and viscosity
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38. If mercury in a barometer is replaced by water, the height of 3.75 cm of mercury will be following cm of water
A.51 cm
B.50 cm
C.52 cm
D.52.2 cm
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39. The property of fluid by virtue of which it offers resistance to shear is called
A.Surface tension
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40. Choose the wrong statement
A.Fluids are capable of flowing
B.Fluids conform to the shape of the containing vessels
C.When in equilibrium, fluids cannot sustain tangential forces
D.When in equilibrium, fluids can sustain shear forces
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41. The density of water is 1000 kg/m3 at
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42. Choose the wrong statement
A.Viscosity of a fluid is that property which determines the amount of its resistance to a shearing force
B.Viscosity is due primarily to interaction between fluid molecules
C.Viscosity of liquids decreases with increase in temperature Viscosity of liquids is appreciably affected by change in pressure
D.(e) Viscosity is expressed as poise, stoke, or saybolt seconds.
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