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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Hydraulic Fluid Mechanics }

337. The shear stress in a fluid flowing in a round pipe
A.Is constant over the cross-section
B.Is zero at the wall and increases linearly to the centre
C.Is zero at centre and varies linearly with radius
D.Varies parabolically across the section
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338. Which one is the correct statement
A.Hydraulic grade line should always be above the centre line of conduit
B.Hydraulic grade line should always be below the centre line of conduit
C.Hydraulic grade line should always the parallel to the centre line of conduit
D.Hydraulic grade line may be above or below the centre line of conduit
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339. A liquid jet from a nozzle exposed to atmosphere traverses along
A.A straight line
B.A circular path
C.An elliptical path
D.Parabolic path
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340. In laminar flow through a round tube, the discharge varies
A.Linearly as the viscosity
B.Inversely as the pressure drop
C.As the cube of the diameter
D.Inversely as the viscosity
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341. Separation occurs when
A.The velocity of sound is reached
B.The boundary layer comes to rest
C.The cross-section of a channel is reduced
D.The pressure reaches a minimum
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342. The value oi coefficient of velocity compared to coeffpient of discharge
A.Is less
B.Is more
C.Has no relation
D.Is same
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343. The hydraulic radius is given by
A.Wetted perimeter divided by area
B.Area divided by square of wetted perimeter
C.Area divided by wetted perimeter
D.Square root of area
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