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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Hydraulic Fluid Mechanics }

330. In laminar flow
A.The velocity is of no consideration
B.Newton's law of viscosity applies
C.Losses are proportional to square of velocity
D.Generally occurs in practice
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331. The continuity equation
A.Requires that Newton's second law of motion be satisfied at every point in fluid
B.Relates the momentum per unit volume for two points on a streamline
C.Expresses the relation between energy and work
D.Relates mass rate of flow along a streamline
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332. Continuity equation relates
A.Conservation of mass and momentum
B.Energy and work
C.Frictional losses
D.Mass rate of flow along a streamline
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333. The continuity equation in fluid flow
A.States that energy is constant along a streamline
B.States that energy is constant every where in the fluid
C.Applies to irrotational flow only
D.States that the net rate of inflow into small volume must be zero
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334. Head loss in turbulent flow in a pipe
A.Varies directly as velocity
B.Varies inversely as square of velocity
C.Varies approximately as square of velocity
D.Depends upon orientation of pipe
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335. The depth of water below the spillway and after hydraulic jump are 1 m and 6 m respectively. The head lost will be
A.1.04 m
C.1.7 m
D.2.05 m
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336. Bernoulli's theorem is applicable for
A.Streamline flow
B.Perfect incompressible fluid flowing in continuous streams.
C.Turbulent flow
D.Normal flow
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