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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Hydraulic Fluid Mechanics }

323. Drag is defmed as the force component exerted on an immersed object, the component acting in direction
A.Normal to flow direction
B.Parallel to flow direction
C.At resultant angle
D.Radial to flow direction
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324. Pressure drag as per boundary layer theory is function of
A.Shape of body
B.Shape of body and separation of flow.
C.Flow direction
D.Separation of flow
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325. Bluff body is the body of such a shape that pressure drag as compared to friction drag is
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326. A body is said to be provided optimum amount of streamlining when
A.Friction drag is minimum
B.Pressure drag is minimum
C.Profile drag (i.e., sum of friction drag and pressure drag) is minimum)
D.Product of friction and pressure drag is minimum
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327. The flow of any fluid, real or ideal, must fulfill the following
A.Newton's law of viscosity
B.Newton's second law of viscosity
C.Velocity at boundary must be zero relative to the boundary
D.The continuity equation
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328. Turbulent flow generally occurs for cases involving
A.Very slow motions
B.None of the above.
C.Very narrow passages
D.All of the above
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329. In turbulent flow
A.The shear stresses are generally larger than in a similar laminar flow
B.Fluid particles move in an orderly manner
C.Momentum transfer is on a molecular scale only
D.Cohesion is more effective than momentum transfer in causing shear stress
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