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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Hydraulic Fluid Mechanics }

309. Water hanuner in pipes occurs due to
A.Someone hitting the pipe with a hammer
B.Sudden change in the velocity of any flowing fluid
C.Heavy pressurisation of pipe
D.Obstruction in pipe
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310. Which of the following represents unsteady non-uniform flow
A.Flow through an expanding tube at an increasing rate
B.Flow through an expanding tube at constant rate
C.Flow through a long pipe at decreasing rate
D.Flow through a long pipe at constant rate
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311. Fire hose nozzle is generally made of
A.Divergent shape
B.Convergent shape
C.Convergent-divergent shape
D.Cylindrical shape
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312. Chezy's equation is used to determine
A.Velocity of flow in open channel
B.Velocity of flow in pipe
C.Flow over weirs
D.Discharge through notch
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313. Equation of continuity results from the principal of conservation of
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314. Hydraulic grade line for any flow ,system as compared to energy line is
C.At same level
D.May be below or above depending upon velocity of flow
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315. Which curve in Fig. 8.4 shows the correct nature of distribution of stress at a cross section in a horizontal circular pipe under steady flow conditions ?
A.Curve A
B.Curve B
C.Curve C
D.Curve D
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