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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Hydraulic Fluid Mechanics }

302. If the pressure at the inlet of a pipe is 90 kg/cm h and the pressure drop over the pipe line is 10 kg/cm2, the efficiency of transmission is
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303. The total frictional resistance to fluid flow is independent of
A.Density of fluid
D.Surface roughness
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304. The velocity of fluid particle at the centre of pipe section is
D.Average of full section
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305. Uniform flow occurs when
A.At every point the velocity vector is identical, in magnitude and direction, for any given instant
B.The flow is steady
C.Discharge through a pipe is constant
D.Conditions do not change with time at any point
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306. Which of the following represents steady uniform flow
A.Flow through an expanding tube at an increasing rate
B.Flow through an expanding tube at constant rate
C.Flow through a long pipe at decreasing rate
D.Flow through a long pipe at constant rate
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307. In the case of turbulent flow
A.It occurs in open channel
B.Shear stresses are more compared to laminar flow.
C.Velocity at boundary is zero
D.It is not possible to measure flow
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308. For a siphon to work satisfactorily, the minimum pressure in the pipe as compared to vapour pressure of liquid should be
D.Could be anything
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