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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Hydraulic Fluid Mechanics }

295. In order to replace a compound pipe by a new pipe, the pipes will be equivalent when following are same for both the pipes
A.Length and flow
B.Diameter and flow
C.Loss of head and flow
D.Length and loss of head
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296. The head loss in case of hot water flow through a pipe compared to cold water flow will be
D.More or less depending on range of temperatures
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297. For a flow to be rotational, the velocity normal to the plane of area should be equal to the
A.Angular velocity vector
B.Half the angular velocity vector
C.Twice the angular velocity vector
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298. Head loss in a flowing fluid is experienced due to
A.Friction at surface
B.All of the above.
C.Change of section of passage
D.Obstruction in passage
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299. Loss of head due to friction in a pipe of uniform is diameter with viscous flow is equal to
A.Reynolds number (Re)
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300. Power transmitted through a pipe is maximum when the loss of head due to friction is
A.One-half of the total head supplied
B.One-third of the total head supplied
C.One-fourth of the total head supplied
D.Equal to the total head supplied
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301. Maximum efficiency of transmission of power through a pipe is
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