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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Hydraulic Fluid Mechanics }

267. The path of jet discharging from bottom opening in a tank full of water will be
A.Horizontal straight line
B.Linearly downward
C.Approximately hyperbola
D.Parabola with its vertex at the opening
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268. 13orda's mouthpiece is
A.A short cylindrical tube projecting inward, having length of 1/2 diameter
B.A convergent tube having length of 2-3 diameters
C.Most commonly used
D.Rarely used
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269. A hydraulic ram acts like
A.A centrifugal pump
B.A rotary pump
C.A reciprocating pump
D.An impulse pump
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270. Hydraulic ram is a device used
A.To accelerate water flow
B.Lift water without electric motor
C.For lifting heavy load
D.Beat water and lift it
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271. The discharge throudl _a syphon spillway is equal to Cd x a x -12g x
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272. An air vessel is provided at the summit in the syphon in order to
A.Maintain pressure difference
B.Avoid interruption in the flow.
C.Increase velocity
D.Control pressure variations
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273. A fluid flow taking place continuously round a curved path about a fixed axis of rotation, is known as
A.Rotational flow
B.Vortex flow.
C.Circular flow
D.Unsteady flow
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