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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Hydraulic Fluid Mechanics }

260. The most economical section of circular channel for maximum discharge is obtained when
A.Depth of water = 0.95 d
B.Wetted perimeter = 2.6 d
C.Hydraulic mean depth = 0.29 d
D.Any one of the above
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261. The flow in venturiflume takes place at
A.Atmospheric pressure
B.At pressure greater than atmospheric pressure
D.High pressure
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262. Any fluid flow follows
A.Bernoulli's equation
B.Newton's law of viscosity
C.Darcy's equation
D.Continuity equation
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263. The velocity distribution in the turbulent boundary layer follows
A.Straight line law
B.Parabolic law
C.Hyperbolic law
D.Logarithmic law
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264. Laminar flow occurs in pipes, when Reynolds number
A.Lies between 2000-3000
B.Lies between 3000-4000
C.Is more than 2000
D.Is less than 2000
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265. Which of the following pipe bends will introduce maximum head loss
A.300 bend
C.60? bend
D.90? bend
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266. In pipes larger than 25 mm, carrying water, the laminar flow
A.Very often exists
B.Generally exists
C.Rarely exists
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