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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Hydraulic Fluid Mechanics }

232. In an external mouthpiece, value of coefficient of discharge, if pipe is flowing full, will be
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233. The horizontal component of force on a curved surface is equal to the
A.Product of pressure at its centroid and area
B.Weight of liquid retained by the curved area
C.Force on a vertical projection of the curved surface
D.Weight of liquid vertically above the curved surface
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234. The vertical component of pressure force on a submerged curved surface is equal to
A.Weight of liquid vertically above the curved surface and extending upon the free surface
B.The force on a vertical projection of the curved surface
C.The product of pressure at centroid and surface area
D.Horizontal component
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235. A block of ice floating over water in a vessel slowly melts in it. The water level in the vessel will
A.Start rising
B.Start falling
C.Will remain constant
D.Will depend en temperature in water
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236. Manning formula is used to,determine
A.Head loss due to frictiOn in pipes flowing full under pressure
B.Head loss due to friction in open channels
C.Flow in open channels
D.Flow in pipes
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237. In open channel corresponding to critical depth, the discharge is
C.Zero flow
D.Turbulent flow
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238. If a water tank partially filled with water is being carried on a truck moving with a constant-horizontal acceleration, the level of the liquid will
A.Rise on the front side of the tank
B.Fall on the back side of the tank
C.Remain the same at both the sides of the tank
D.Rise on the back side and fall on the front side
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