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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Hydraulic Fluid Mechanics }

225. The motion of a fluid is vortex if each particle of the fluid moves in a circular path with the speed which
A.Is constant
B.Is directly proportional to distance from centre
C.Varies as square of distance from centre
D.Varies inversely as the distance from centre
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226. The laminar sub-layer acts as
A.An insulating medium
B.Good conductor of heat
C.Refractory substance
D.Heat absorber
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227. A mouth-piece can't be used for emptying tanks with large heads because
A.Cavitation occurs at vena contracta
B.Vortex is created at vena contracta
C.Variation in discharge is high
D.Flow-through mouth piece is erratic
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228. Gate is an opening
A.With closed perimeter and of regular form through which water flows
B.With prolonged sides having length of 2-3 diameters of opening in thick wall
C.With partially full flow
D.In hydraulic structure with regulation provision
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229. The value of Coefficient of velocity for a sharp edged orifice is of the order of
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230. The value of coefficient of velocity depends upon
A.Slope of orifice
B.Friction at the orifice surface.
C.Head of liquid above orifice
D.Type of orifice
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231. The contraction of area for flow through orifice in tank depends on
A.Shape of orifice
B.Size of orifice
C.Head in tank
D.All of the above
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