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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Hydraulic Fluid Mechanics }

211. The value of coefficient of discharge in comparison to coefficient of velocity is
D.More/less depending on flow
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212. For frictionless fluid, the contraction coefficient for Borda's mouthpiece is
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213. A mouthpiece can't be used under very large head because of
A.Creation of vortex at vena contracta
B.Cavitation problem at vena contracta
C.Large variation of discharge
D.Erratic flow
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214. Weir in an opening
A.With closed perimeter and of regular form through which water flows
B.With prolonged sides having length of 2 to 3 diameters of opening in thick wall
C.With partially full' flow
D.In hydraulic structure with regulation provision
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215. The region downstream from the streamline where separation takes place from the boundary is known as
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216. Choose the wrong statement about flow nets
A.Flow nets are drawn to indicate flow patterns in case of one dimensional flow
B.Flow net consists of a system of streamlines so spaced that the rate of flow is the same between each successive pair of lines
C.Flow net consists of another system of lines normal to the streamlines and so spaced that the distance between the normal lines equals the distance between adjacent streamlines
D.An infinite number of streamlines are required to describe completely the flow under given boundary condition
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217. The continuity equation
A.Is based on Bernoulli's theorem
B.Expresses relation between work and energy, expresses relation between hydraulic parameters of flow relates the mass rate of flow along a streamline
C.(e) is used to determine flow by pitot tube.
D.8.287. Equation of continuity of flow is based on the principle of conservation of (where Re = Reynolds number).
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