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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Fluid Mechanics }

15. Specific weight of water in S.I. units is equal to
A.1000 N/m3
B.10000 N/m3
C.9.81 x 103 N/m3
D.9.81 x 106 N/m3

16. When the flow parameters at any given instant remain same at every point, then flow is said to be
A.Quasi static
B.Steady state

17. Which of the following is demensionless
A.Specific weight
B.Specific volume
C.Specific speed
D.Specific gravity

18. The normal stress in a fluid will be constant in all directions at a point only if
A.It is incompressible
B.It is at rest.
C.It has zero viscosity
D.It is frictionless

19. The pressure at a point in a fluid will not be same in all the directions when the fluid is
B.Viscous and moving.
C.Viscous and static
D.Inviscous and moving

20. An object having 10 kg mass weighs 9.81 kg on a spring balance. The value of 'g' at this place is
A.10 m/sec2
B.9.81 m/sec2
C.10.2/m sec
D.9.75 m/sec2

21. The tendency of a liquid surface to contract is due to the following property
B.surface tension

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