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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Hydraulic Fluid Mechanics }

190. Bernoulli equation deals with the law of conservation of
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191. A hydraulic press has a ram of 15 cm diameter and plunger of 1.5 cm. It is required to lift a weight of 1 tonne. The force required on plunger is equal to
A.10 kg
B.100 kg
C.1000 kg
D.1 kg
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192. Cavitation is caused by
A.High velocity
B.High pressure
C.Weak material
D.Low pressure
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193. Cavitation will begin when
A.The pressure at any location reaches an absolute pressure equal to the saturated vapour pressure of the liquid
B.Pressure becomes more than critical pressure
C.Flow is increased
D.Pressure is increased
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194. Principle of similitude forms the basis of
A.Comparing two identical equipments
B.Designing models so that the result can be converted to prototypes
C.Comparing similarity between design and actual equipment
D.Hydraulic designs
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195. For similarity, in addition to models being geometrically similar to prototype, the following in both cases should also be equal
A.Ratio of inertial force to force due to viscosity
B.Ratio of inertial force to force due to gravitation
C.Ratio of inertial force to force due to surface tension
D.All the four ratios of inertial force to force due to viscosity, gravitation, surface tension, and elasticity
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196. Froude number is the ratio of inertial force to
A.Gravitation force
B.Surface tension
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