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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Hydraulic Fluid Mechanics }

169. Uniform flow occurs when
A.The direction and magnitude of the velocity at all points are identical
B.The velocity of successive fluid paitides, at any point, is the same at successive periods of time
C.The magnitude and direction of the velocity do not change from point to point in the fluid
D.The fluid particles move in plane or parallel planes and the streamline patterns are identical in each plane
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170. Pitot tube is used for measurement of
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171. Hydrometer is used to determine
A.Specific gravity of liquids
B.Specific gravity of solids
C.Specific gravity of gases
D.Relative humidity
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172. The total energy of each particle at various places in the case of perfect incompressible fluid flowing in continuous sream
A.Keeps on increasing
B.Keeps on decreasing
C.Remains constant
D.May increase/decrease
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173. According to Bernoulli's equation for steady ideal fluid flow
A.Principle of conservation of mass, holds
B.Velocity and pressure are inversely proportional
C.Total energy is constant throughout
D.The energy is constant along a streamline but may vary across streamlines
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174. The equation of continuity holds good when the flow
A.Is steady
B.Is one dimensional
C.Velocity is uniform at all the cross sections
D.All of the above
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175. Mach number is significant in
A.Supersonics, as with projectiles and jet propulsion
B.Full immersion or completely enclosed flow, as with pipes, aircraft wings, nozzles etc.
C.Simultaneous motion through two fluids where there is a surface of discontinuity, gravity force, and wave making effects, as with ship's hulls
D.All of the above
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