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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Hydraulic Fluid Mechanics }

155. The length of divergent portion of yenturimeter in comparison to convergent portion is-
D.More or less depending on capacity
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156. Flow occurring in a pipeline when a valve is being opened is
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157. General energy equation holds for
A.Steady flow
B.Turbulent flow
C.Laminar flow
D.Non-uniform flow
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158. A streamline is defined as the line
A.Parallel to central axis flow
B.Parallel to outer surface of pipe
C.Of equal yelocity in a flow
D.Along which the pressure drop is uniform
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159. Two dimensional flow occurs when
A.The direction and magnitude of the velocity at all points are identical
B.The velocity of successive fluid particles, at any point, is the same at successive periods of time
C.The magnitude and direction of the velocity do not change from point to point in the fluid
D.The fluid particles move in plane or parallel planes and the streamline patterns are identical in each plane
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160. A piece of metal of specific gravity'? floats in mercury of specific gravity 13.6. What fraction of its volume is under mercury ?
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161. Three vessels of inverted pyramid, semi-spherical, V-trough shapes having same volume and same height are to be emptied by an equal area opening. Times for emptying in order will be
A.Semi-sphere, inverted pyramid, V-trough
B.Inverted pyramid, semi-sphere, V-trough
C.Inverted pyramid, V-trough, semiphere
D.Semi-sphere, V-trough, inverted pyramid
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