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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Hydraulic Fluid Mechanics }

120. Ratio of inertia force to elastic force is known as
A.Mach number
B.Froude number
C.Reynold's number
D.Weber's number
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121. For a floating body to be in stable equilibrium, its metacentre should be
A.Below the centre of gravity
B.Above the centre of gravity.
C.Above the centre of buoyancy
D.Between e.g. and centre of pressure
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122. For a flodingilsody to be in equilibrium
A.Meta centre should be above e.g.
B.Centre of buoyancy and e.g. must lie on same vertical plane
C.A righting couple should be formed
D.A11 of he above
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123. The two important forces for a floating body are
A.Buoyancy, gravity
B.Buoyancy, pressure
C.Buoyancy, inertial
D.Inertial, gravity
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124. Choose the wrong statement
A.The centre of buoyancy is located at the centre of gravity of the displaced liquid
B.All floating bodies are stable.
C.If e.g. and centre of buoyancy coincide, the submerged body must lie at neutral equilibrium for all positions
D.For stability of floating cylinders or spheres, the e.g. of body must lie below the centre of buoyancy
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125. Centre of pressure on an inclined plane is
A.At the centroid
B.Above the centroid
C.Below the centroid
D.At metacentre
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126. An open vessel of water is accelerated up an inclined plane. The free water surface will
A.Be horizontal
B.Make an angle in direction of inclination of inclined plane
C.Make an angle in opposite direction to inclination of inclined plane
D.Any one of above is possible
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