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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Hydraulic Fluid Mechanics }

106. A body floats in stable equilibrium
A.When its meateentric height is zero
B.When the metancentre is above c.g.
C.When its c.g. is below it's centre of buoyancy
D.Metacentre has nothing to do with . position of c.g. for determining stability
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107. A piece weighing 3 kg in air was found tc weigh 2.5 kg when submerged in water. Its specific gravity is
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108. The total pressure force on a plane area is equal to the area multiplied by the intensity of pressure at the centriod, if
A.The area is horizontal
B.The area is vertical
C.The area is inclined
D.All of the above
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109. A square surface 3 m x 3 m lies in a verticnI line in water with its upper edge at water surface. The hydrostatic force on scatare surface is
A.9,000 kg
B.13,500 kg
C.18,000 kg
D.27,000 kg
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110. MC depth of the centre of pressure on a vertical rectangular gate 8 in wide and 6 in high, when the water surface coincides with the top of the gates is
B.3.0 m
C.4.0 m
D.2.5 m
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111. If the atmospheric pressure on the surface of an oil tank (sp. gr. 0.8) is 0.2 kg/cm2, the pressure at a depth of 50 in below the oil surface will be
A.2 metres of water column
B.3 metres of water column
C.5 metres of water column
D.6 metres of water column
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112. For a body floating in a liquid the normal pressure exerted by the liquid acts at
A.Bottom surface of the body
B.C.g. of the body
D.All points on the surface of the body
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