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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Fluid Mechanics }

92. Dynamic viscosity of most of the gases with rise in temperature
B.(c) remains unaffected
C.(d) unpredictable (e) none of the abre.
D.8.123. Euler's dimensionless number relates the following

93. Euler's dimensionless number relates the following
A.Inertial force and gravity
B.Viscous force and inertial force
C.Viscous force and buoyancy force
D.Pressure force 'and inertial force

94. Manometer is used to measure
A.Pressure in pipes, channels etc.
B.Atmospheric pressure
C.Very low presanre
D.Difference of pressure between two points

95. Which of the following manometer has highest sensitivity
A.U-tube with water
B.Inclined U-tube
C.U-tube with mercury
D.Micro-manometer with water

96. Working principle of dead weight pressure gauge tester is based on
A.Pascal's law
B.Dalton's law of partial pressure
C.Newton's law of viscosity
D.Avogadro's hypothesis

97. The resultant of all normal pressures acts
A.At c.g. of body
B.At centre of pressure
C.Vertically upwards
D.At metacentre

98. Centre of pressure compared to c.g. is
A.Above it
B.Below it.
C.At same point
D.Above or below-depending on area of body

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