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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Engineering Metrology }

57. The cross section of International Prototype Metre is shown in (Refer Fig. 4)
A.Figure A
B.Figure E.
C.Figure C
D.Figure D

58. The combination set can be used to
A.Check angular surfaces
B.Draw circles and arcs
C.Scribe lines
D.All of the above

59. In layout work, a pencil should not be used to draw lines on metal because
A.It will wipe off easily
B.The line will be too wide for accurate work
C.The lines will smudge and be difficult to see
D.The lines do remain on metal even after good rubbing

60. Surface plate is usually made of grey cast iron because it provides
A.Non wearing plate
B.Very hard plate
C.Easy to cast plate
D.Lubrication due to graphite flakes

61. The term traceability in Engineering Metrology is concerned with
A.Measuring machines
B.Optical instruments
C.Pneumatic comparator

62. In selective assembly
A.Parts in an assembly can be replaced by a similar part without any further alteration
B.The parts of any one type are classified into several groups according to size.
C.All the parts are always interchangeable
D.The size of one of the components is measured accurately and then mating component is made to match with this

63. Constant

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