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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Engineering Metrology }

50. The number of slip gauges in a set are
B.All of the above sets are available.

51. Profile of a gear tooth can be checked by
A.Sine bar
B.Bench micrometer
C.Optical pyrometer
D.Optical projector

52. Gear tooth caliper is used to find the chordal thickness of the following type of gear tooth
A.Spur gears
B.Helical gears
C.Worm gears
D.Bevel gears

53. The M-and E-system in metrology are related with measurement of
B.Surface finish.

54. All the thread characteristics can be measured precisely with
A.Screw pitch gauge
B.Micrometer with V-anvil
C.Tool room microscope
D.Thread gauge

55. The advantage of vernier calpier over micrometer is that it
A.Is easier and quicker to use
B.Is more accurate
C.Can be used to make both inside and outside measurments over a range of sizes
D.All of the above

56. Standards to be used for reference purposes in laboratories and workshops are referred to as
A.Primary standards
B.Secondary standards
C.Tertiary standards
D.Working standards

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