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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Engineering Metrology }

43. The purpose of adjusting nut in a micrometer screw gauge is to
A.Take care of zero error
B.Impart slow motion
C.Compensate for wear between screw and nut
D.Take care of backlash

44. The taper of internal dovetail can be measured with the help of
A.Sine bar
B.Combination set
C.Balls of standard dimensions and slip gauges

45. External taper can be accurately measured with the help of
A.Sine bar and slip gauges
B.Dividing head
C.Precision balls and height gauge
D.Combination set

46. Stick micrometers are designed for measuring
A.Bore of cylinders
B.Longer external lengths
D.Longer internal lengths

47. Differential screw micrometer is used
A.To give direct indication of difference between two readings
B.For very high degree of accuracy.
C.For digital readout
D.To measure diameter of inaccessible holes

48. A sine bar is specified by
A.Its total length
B.The centre distance between the two rollers
C.The size of the rollers
D.The distance between rollers and upper surface

49. The diameter of very large bores can be, measured accurately by
A.Fiexibile graduated tape
B.Swinging a pin gauge in the bore.
C.Keilpart gauge
D.Four balls method

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