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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Engineering Metrology }

36. A scale in which the distance between graduations if proportional to the value of that graduation is called
A.Regular scale
B.Equidistant scale
C.Linear scale
D.Line scale
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37. A scale whose graduation marks are in a discontinuous manner and are composed of aligned numbers indicating directly the numerical value of the quantity measured is called
A.Linear scale
B.Digital scale.
C.Equidistant scale
D.Regular scale
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38. Element of the indic g device carrying the scale is called
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39. The thread micrometer measures
A.The major diameter of the thread
B.The minor diameter of the thread
C.The effective diameter of the thread
D.The root diameter of the thread
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40. V-block is used in the workshop to check
A.Roundness of a cylindrical work
B.Surface roughness
C.Dimensions of oval job
D.Taper on a job
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41. Repeatability of measuring equipment is
A.The closeness with which a measurement can be read directly from a measuring instrument
B.The capability of indicate the same reading again and again for a given meas xcarid.
C.Difference between measured value and actual valve
D.The smallest change in measurand that can be measured
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42. The purpose of ratchet screw in micrometer screw gauge is
A.To lock a dimension
B.To impart blow motion
C.To maintain sufficient and uniform measuring pressure
D.To take care of wear of screw threads
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