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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Engineering Metrology }

22. Measuring mechanism whose mobile component attains its equilibrium position without oscillations round new position is called
A.Damped mea,suring mechanism
B.Aperiodic measuring mechanism
C.Stable measuring mechanism
D.Precise measuring mechanism

23. Measuring instrument which conforms to all the specified statutory provisions is called
A.Ordinary measuring instrument
B.Measuring instrument acceptable for verification
C.Auxiliary measuring instrument
D.Legal measuring instrument

24. Measuring instrument intended to define or present physically, conserve or reproduce the unit of measurement of a quantity (or a multiple or sub-multiple of that unit) and to transfer it to other measuring instruments by comparison is known as
A.Legal measuring standard
C.Working standard
D.Primary standard

25. Work is usually required to be held in a vertical position for laying out. For this purpose, it is clamped to
A.Surface plate
B.An angle plate
C.A V-block
D.A machine bed

26. The phenomenon shown by a measuring instrument which gives different indications in a series of measurements of the same value of the quantity measured is called
A.Repeatability of measuring instrument
B.Error of repeatability
C.Dispersion of indications
D.Error of trueness

27. The quality of a measuring instrument which characterises the ability to respond to small changes of the quantity measured is called
A.Discrimination of a measuring instrument
B.Response of a measuring instrument

28. Instrument which is designed to eliminate the personal element of feel when setting a measuring instrument is called
A.Fiducial indicator
B.Zero setting device
C.Auxiliary measuring instruments
D.Measuring standard

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