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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Engineering Metrology }

218. All the working surfaces and the cylindrical surfaces of the rollers of sine bar have a surface finish of the order of
A.0.2. micron
B.0.5 micron
C.1 micron
D.5 micron
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219. The effect of errors in spacing of the rollers, or height of slip gauge combination is a function of the
A.Sin 0
B.Cos 0
C.Tan 0
D.Cosec 0
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220. Sine centre is used for measurement of
A.Included internal angle between two faces
B.Height of projected parts
C.Semi-angle of taper of a job
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221. Clinometer is used for
A.Angular measurement
B.Linear measurement
C.Bore measurement
D.Measurements of environmental conditions
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222. Pick up the correct statement. The effect of pitch error and angle error is to
A.Increase the simple effective diameters of a bolt and decrease that of a nut
B.Decrease the simple effective diameter of a bolt and increase that of a nut
C.Increase the simple effective diameter of both bolt and nut
D.Decrease the simple effective diameters of both bolt and nut
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223. If 0 is the included angle of a screw thread then change in simple effective diameter due to change in angle error is proportional to
B.Cosec 0.
C.Cos 0
D.Sec 0
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224. The best size wire for ISO metric thread for measuring pitch diameters of screw
A.Thread in terms of its pitch p is
B.(a) 0.5 p
C.(b) 0.6 p
D.(c) 0.75 p
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