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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Engineering Metrology }

211. Profilometer is an instrument used to measure
A.Gear involute
B.Thread profile
D.Surface roughness
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212. The value of a set of data at which the greatest number of cases is concentrated is called
D.Standard deviation
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213. If the correctness of profile of a thread is to be checked, which instrument would you choose
A.Bench micrometer
B.Optical projector.
C.Sine bar
D.Telescopic gauge
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214. The more sensitive instrument
A.First oscillates more
B.Oscillates more slowly
C.Has no oscillations
D.Is never stable
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215. Frequency of oscillation of an instrument indicating device is a function of
D.Both damping and sensitivity
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216. The lost motion of the spindle in micrometer screw gauge when the rotation of the thimble is changed in direction is referred to as
B.Least count
C.Total error
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217. Stick micrometers are used for measuring
A.Depth of holes
B.Longer internal lengths
C.Longer external lengths
D.Height of parts
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