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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Engineering Metrology }

176. The surface roughness on a drawing is represented by
C.Zig-zag lines
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177. Inside and outside diameters of a thin tube are to be measured. Only one of the following tools is to be selected. Which one would you choose.
A.Inside caliper
B.Vernier caliper.
D.Odd-leg caliper
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178. Electronic level contains
A.A pendulum
B.Spirit level (c)
C.Micrometer (d) clinometer
D.(e) sine bar.
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179. Keilpart gauge is used to measure
A.Surface roughness
C.Inside diameter Of a tool
D.Gear eccentricity
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180. In interferometric methods, the path difference between one bright band and the next is varied by
A.Half wave length
B.Two half wave lengths
C.One quarter wavelength
D.Two wavelengths
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181. On a triple thread screw
A.Lead = pitch
B.Lead = 3 pitch
C.Lead = pitch
D.Lead = 9 pitch
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182. Gratings are used in connection with
A.Flatness measurement
B.Linear displacement measurements.
C.Surface texture measurement
D.Convexity/concavity measurement
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