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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Engineering Metrology }

169. A five-lobed part, if gauged in the 60? V-block would produce the following magnification of the radial out-of-round characteristics
A.0 time
B.1 time
C.2 times
D.3 times
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170. Diametral gauging for out-of-roundness measurement is not sufficient because
A.It can't sense even lobed parts
B.Radial changes always occur which can't be sensed by it
C.It is difficult to find true centre
D.Its readings can't be fed to computer
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171. A plug gauge is used for measuring
B.Cylindrical bores
C.Spherical holes
D.Screw threads
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172. Pick out the wrong statement about measuring out-of-roundness by V-block gauging.
A.60 degree V-block provides triple magnification of out-of-round characteristics of 3 lobed part.
B.With a V-block, ovality and other even-numbered lobing are magnified.
C.For checking a five lobed part, 108? V is required
D.The use of a series of V blocks would not necessarily detect all types of outof-roundness.
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173. A master gauge is
A.A new gauge
B.An international reference standard
C.A standard gauge for checking accuracy of gauges used on shop floors
D.A gauge used by experienced technicians
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174. Gear tooth vernier is used to measure
A.Gear tooth profile
B.Gear tooth thickness
C.Pitch line thickness of gear tooth
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175. Moire fringes are observed when
A.An optical flat is placed over smooth surface
B.A microscope is used to observe surface texture
C.Index grating is moved over scale grating
D.White light is diffused through _ a prism
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