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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Engineering Metrology }

113. Pick out the wrong statement about gauges for internal threads.
A.The Go screw plug gauge is made to the minimum metal limit and of full form and checks the virtual effective diameter. Any error in the pitch or flank angle of screw affects the effective diameter
B.The dimensions of Go and Not Go gauges correspond to maximum and minimum minor diameters.
C.Not Go screw plug gauge is made to the maximum effective diameter of the screw thread cleared at the root and crest.
D.The plain Go and Not Go gauges are used for checking the limits of the size of minor diameter.
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114. Expressing a dimension as 18.31% mm is the case of
A.Unilateral tolerance
B.Bilateral tolerance
C.Limiting dimensions
D.All of the above
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115. In instrumentation a correction is
A.An error
B.The revision applied to the indicated value so that the final result obtained improves the worth of the result
D.Range of error-degree of correctness
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116. Straight edges are used to measure
A.Straight length of parts
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117. IS : 919 on limits and fits specifies following numbers of grades of fundamental tolerances, and fundamental deviations respectively
A.25, 18
B.25, 16
C.18, 22
D.18, 25
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118. For general use the measuring tip of a comparator should be
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119. Basic shaft and basic hole are those whose upper deviations and lower='deviation respectively are
A.+ ye, ? ve
B.Zero, zero.
C.Minimum, minimum
D.Minimum, maximum
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